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Pablo Nuñez

Hey there! I’m Pablo Nuñez. I got my Veterinary Medicine degree at University of Leon. Since my graduation, I worked as a farm vet in Spain and the UK. After years on the field, it was time for me to move on to pastures new and I joined the pharmaceutical sector.

My main concern has always been animal health and welfare, understanding it as the key to achieve the farm profitability desired. I currently work at HIPRA as Global Franchise Manager in Small Ruminants unit which allows me to travel around the world, learn client’s needs and help them achieve their goals.

My free time is 100% for friends, family and my hobby (obsession): football.

David Crespo

Hello! I’m David. Since a little child I was very passionate about animal production and agriculture. I spent a lot of time in my family’s farm. We have a 3000 milking sheep farm and there I’ve learned and worked, gaining experience in the day by day tasks and challenges.

I’ve got my master’s degree in Veterinary Medicine, from Universidade Lusofona, in Lisbon, Portugal. Since my graduation I’ve been involved with agriculture and livestock since then, working around the world and specially in the Latin American Market for more than 5 years! I also have experience as a resident veterinary in farm, working in multiple field areas, always looking to improve the milk production in a profitable and sustainable way, very focused in prevention.

Now I work as Global Product Manager in HIPRA, in the Small Ruminants unit, to put my experience to work and where I expect to reach the goal of taking prevention as the way to address animal problems.

In my free time I like to run, ride my bike and my motorcycle, spend time with friends and family and I enjoy spending some time in the farm.

Tania Perálvarez

Hello everyone! My name is Tania Perálvarez Puerta and I am a graduate of the Autonomous University of Barcelona with a degree in Veterinary Medicine. I always knew that I wanted to dedicate my professional life to animals and whilst I was a student I started to become interested in the world of animal production, in particular ruminants.

I am very committed to the concept of One Health and I believe that taking care of animal health also means protecting humans. Preventive medicine is key and as a Global Product Manager at HIPRA, I have found a place in which to work to raise awareness of this. 

I love to travel and to get to know new cultures and I take short trips whenever I can. I love music, the cinema and nature. 



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